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Thinking of visiting CrossPoint Community Church on a Sunday morning?

We are so glad that you are considering a visit to CrossPoint!
Here are some FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What should I wear to CrossPoint?

Clothes! We do not have an official dress code. You are welcome to come as you are or dress up for church. We recognize that some are used to dressing up for church, and some cannot afford nice clothes. Either way, come and learn about Jesus.

What is a typical Sunday morning worship service like at CrossPoint?

We usually spend the first 20 minutes in singing praises to our great God. Then, parents are dismissed to take their child to nursery or junior worship if they so choose. Then, we hear from God’s Word as one of our pastors or elders preaches for about 35 minutes. Our goal is for Jesus Christ to be the focus and center of our worship service.

What is a typical sermon like?

At CrossPoint, we highly value God’s Word and letting it speak to us through teaching and preaching. During our worship service, a typical sermon lasts about 30 – 40 minutes. We preach through books of the Bible, taking the next passage each week to hear from God’s Word. This is called expository preaching where we let the passage of Scripture determine the main theme and message for that week, all with the goal of highlighting Jesus Christ.

Do you offer children’s ministry on Sunday morning during the worship service?

Yes. We offer nursery (ages 0 – 2) every Sunday, and we offer junior worship (ages 3 – 8) at least two times per month. We have everyone in the worship service together for the first 20 minutes while we sing praises to Jesus Christ, and then we dismiss parents to take their child and check them into either nursery or junior worship. Then, parents return to the worship service to hear from God’s Word. During the Sundays that we do not offer junior worship, we do offer a small coloring packet for kids to use during the sermon if parents so choose.

If my child has to sit in through the whole worship service, will he/she get bored?

Maybe, but we believe it is valuable for children to learn how to sit through a worship service and listen to a sermon, even if they do not understand it. Over time, children will grow in this skill, and you will be surprised how much children can learn from God’s Word with the adults. Children will learn the greatness and glory of God, and they will learn that church is about listening to God’s Word and glorifying Jesus Christ.